The Sacred Geometry Art and The Flower of Life

What is Sacred Geometry?

The Sacred Geometry can be described as everything around us, even us. All the matter is made of 5 basic geometric shapes of objects, such as water and oxygen are build of certain geometric shapes, and those objects shape the atoms and molecules.

There are really many ways how to look at the sacred geometry. We can see the geometry as a way or form of perfect art when you look at the entire nature, it’s all made of geometric objects. When we do any kind of Art, we always think of geometric objects and then we paint them on to the canvas or sculpture them from the stone, wood, or clay. It doesn’t really matter what we’ll do, it’s always going to be about geometry, otherwise, everything would be shapeless and surface less.

The Flower of Life

The primary universal object that contains everything

The Flower of Life is the main and universal 2D or 3D geometric object that contains all 5 main geometrical shapes, and all the rest. There is no geometric object or shape that wouldn’t fit inside the Flower of Life.

But the Flower of Life isn’t anything new that has been found in the modern world. The image of the Flower of Life has been found in the ancient temples and places all around the world, including China, Tibet, South America, Africa, Egypt, Great Britain etc.

The image of the Flower of Life below:

the Flower of Life sacred geometry

This is 2D image of the Flower of Life and how it is displayed most of the time in the ancient temples. The object could also be in 3D, which is looking like this. Imagine the circles as the 3D balls.

3D Flower of Life

It’s a little bit harder to imagine the 3D object and all the possible geometric objects that fit inside the Flower of Life, but you can try it by drawing the overlapping circles on the piece of paper as shown on the 2D image.

The understanding the Sacred Geometry is essential for Artists. Even one of the biggest and most famous artists Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci who was an Italian sculptor, painter, and architect, knew and understood the sacred geometry and that’s why his work and ideas were so futuristic and advanced for that time. And because He understood the Sacred Geometry and Physics, He was also an inventor who invented so many concepts that are being used even today.

But it’s not just art, architecture, or invention where the Sacred Geometry plays a big part, it’s also the spiritual world in which we have to get fully involved our knowledge of the Sacred geometry apart from fantasy, visualization, and imagination, because our own invisible energy field and spirit consist of geometric shapes if we were meant to see it, some do. See the image below.

Body energy field

Same kind of energy field that is around our body, is also around the Earth.

start tetrahedron merkaba field

Star Tetrahedron or also called by Ancient people, the Mer-ka-ba, is spinning around our body creating the light energy field. Isn’t this familiar to you? Of course, the Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

leonardo da vinci geometry

The Sacred Geometry Art explained

Drunvalo Melchizedek, the author of books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 and 2, and the man who made the biggest breakthrough in the field of study of Sacred Geometry, cognitive science, and spiritualism, talks about the infinite source of energy within us!