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Welcome to ModernArt.ie website,  we are independent site and blog for displaying the pieces of modern art from all around the globe, not just Ireland.

We believe that art is important not just to us, as each individual, but also to the entire cultures and nations, and it’s becoming more important than ever because of the love & creation which are the triggering elements of art.

What is exactly modern art? Is it the different style of painting? Perhaps the new futuristic ideas and material? Sure it is, but more importantly, it’s the new view, perception, and feeling of art.

The art is all around us every moment. It’s not just about the exact moment when we visit a gallery, adore a picture on the wall, or engage ourselves in the art creation in some way. I strongly believe, and I think many others would agree with me, that everything we see, touch, and feel is the reality but also art.

The Art is the Part of Our Reality

Art and Creation

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