Innovative companies

Innovative Businesses

A list of the most innovative companies that have developed products or services and added real value to their market or tapped into a new market. From local services to social media we detail the business ideas that turned heads in the business world. Read more

The best gadgets

Iphone 5C and 5S

Remote control cars are one of most popular gadgets used by both young and old alike. With so many variations to choose from and an ever growing community of enthusiasts it might just be time to get yourself one and experience the thrill of racing against your friends or performing stunts in the local park or even the beach. There are 3 types available electric, petrol and nitro. Electric RC Cars type is the most convenient to use as it is battery powered and most come already assembled out of the box which allows it to be used from the start without any further alterations. The main issue with them though is that running time is not that along compared to other version like petrol and nitro. Read more

Latest Cars

Latest cars

Car manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of engineering to the extreme in an attempt to make  cars not only faster but also more efficient. Fuel consumption is now one of the biggest factors in the buying decision for consumers compared to 10 years ago when apart from the extreme exceptions it was more of an after thought. Check out Everything Motoring for all the latest motoring news. Read more

Modern buildings

Modern buildings

There has been some spectacular feats of architecture over the years involving both the design and construction of buildings around the world. Here is a selection of my favourite which have been in the news recently for various reason. Read more

Cheap Holidays

Cheap Holidays

Amsterdam is known for its flowers, canals and museums among other things.
Take a cruise on the canal or visit the world’s only floating flower market. Find cheap holidays from Ireland on

Amsterdam has so many museums but the RIJKSMUSEUM holds some master pieces including work by REMBRANDT. Visit the most famous house here which is the Anne Frank house. This is where Anne hid and wrote her diary during the Second World War and is worth paying a visit. Read more