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Amazing Selling Machine Review 2018The new year is here and many of us Artists are thinking how and where to earn extra money and living without investing too much of money upfront. Creating the Art is one thing, but being able to sell it is another. In fact, marketing is the number one failure and struggle of most of the good artists. It makes sense since we are all different, the creative person would not be good salesman or marketer, and good marketer would not be much creative, it’s just the nature of how we are.

But it’s not the end of the world when you find out that you are one of those people who excel in one thing but lack in another. All the skills can be embraced and learned. You see, unless you would find a great and reliable agent to take care of marketing and sales side of a business, you have to learn it yourself, which is not harmful at all to learn new and important skills to life.

For example, learn to sell the Art on Amazon wouldn’t be a bad idea for the start, since there is a tone of training on How to sell on Amazon on the internet. Also, for the beginners, it’s probably the easiest option too. One of the best training to learn how selling on Amazon works is Amazing Selling Machine or also called ASM.

The Amazing Selling Machine course shows how to sell anything on Amazon in different business categories which one of them could be easily any kind of Art.

Just imagine that you would be designing and creating the posters or wallpapers with your own Art, or creating jewelry, wooden boxes, wall decorations, etc.

On Amazon, there are already millions of people worldwide buying all the different things, so all one needs is a good and solid strategic plan to market your Art the best way you possibly could. ASM course provides anything one needs to successfully sell on Amazon.

Nobody will probably make some groundbreaking figures by selling art online, but it’s a great way to start and establish yourself and your follower base and fans. Basically, people can learn about you and your Art from your website or any professional built web profile showing off your artwork.

It creates a goodwill and makes you look as a real professional which is very important in today’s world of business.

The Sacred Geometry Art and The Flower of Life

What is Sacred Geometry?

The Sacred Geometry can be described as everything around us, even us. All the matter is made of 5 basic geometric shapes of objects, such as water and oxygen are build of certain geometric shapes, and those objects shape the atoms and molecules.

There are really many ways how to look at the sacred geometry. We can see the geometry as a way or form of perfect art when you look at the entire nature, it’s all made of geometric objects. When we do any kind of Art, we always think of geometric objects and then we paint them on to the canvas or sculpture them from the stone, wood, or clay. It doesn’t really matter what we’ll do, it’s always going to be about geometry, otherwise, everything would be shapeless and surface less.

The Flower of Life

The primary universal object that contains everything

The Flower of Life is the main and universal 2D or 3D geometric object that contains all 5 main geometrical shapes, and all the rest. There is no geometric object or shape that wouldn’t fit inside the Flower of Life.

But the Flower of Life isn’t anything new that has been found in the modern world. The image of the Flower of Life has been found in the ancient temples and places all around the world, including China, Tibet, South America, Africa, Egypt, Great Britain etc.

The image of the Flower of Life below:

the Flower of Life sacred geometry

This is 2D image of the Flower of Life and how it is displayed most of the time in the ancient temples. The object could also be in 3D, which is looking like this. Imagine the circles as the 3D balls.

3D Flower of Life

It’s a little bit harder to imagine the 3D object and all the possible geometric objects that fit inside the Flower of Life, but you can try it by drawing the overlapping circles on the piece of paper as shown on the 2D image.

The understanding the Sacred Geometry is essential for Artists. Even one of the biggest and most famous artists Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci who was an Italian sculptor, painter, and architect, knew and understood the sacred geometry and that’s why his work and ideas were so futuristic and advanced for that time. And because He understood the Sacred Geometry and Physics, He was also an inventor who invented so many concepts that are being used even today.

But it’s not just art, architecture, or invention where the Sacred Geometry plays a big part, it’s also the spiritual world in which we have to get fully involved our knowledge of the Sacred geometry apart from fantasy, visualization, and imagination, because our own invisible energy field and spirit consist of geometric shapes if we were meant to see it, some do. See the image below.

Body energy field

Same kind of energy field that is around our body, is also around the Earth.

start tetrahedron merkaba field

Star Tetrahedron or also called by Ancient people, the Mer-ka-ba, is spinning around our body creating the light energy field. Isn’t this familiar to you? Of course, the Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

leonardo da vinci geometry

The Sacred Geometry Art explained

Drunvalo Melchizedek, the author of books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 and 2, and the man who made the biggest breakthrough in the field of study of Sacred Geometry, cognitive science, and spiritualism, talks about the infinite source of energy within us!

Professional Status of Artists Applying for Social Welfare Allowance

The Irish Writers Centre welcomes the launch of a new pilot initiative which will acknowledge the professional status of writers and artists applying for Jobseeker’s Allowance. The pilot is being developed in partnership between the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Arts, Heritage Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, as part of a key commitment to artists under the Creative Ireland programme. The Irish Writers Centre and Visual Artists Ireland have been invited to facilitate the one-year pilot scheme and are approved to certify the professional status of writers and artists through their respective professional membership schemes.


Valerie Bistany, Director of the Irish Writers Centre has said of the pilot scheme;


‘The recognition of the professional status of working artists at state level is a welcome development for the whole of the Irish arts community. The Irish Writers Centre has been supporting the interests of writers for over 26 years and we’re glad that professional writers’ membership will now be accepted as valid proof of professional status. Like other self-employed professionals, Irish writers tend to earn their income from a variety of sources, and similarly, during lean periods in their careers, they may need to seek state support.


The pilot scheme is important in acknowledging the status of writers on an equal basis to any other self-employed professional, and recognises their economic contribution as well as their cultural impact in Ireland. Ministers Humphreys and Varadkar are to be applauded in taking swift and decisive action in implementing an important commitment made to artists under the Creative Ireland programme. We’d also like to thank the staff in both departments for the opportunity to explore and devise the pilot with ourselves and the VAI. We hope that, in time, this will be seen as a landmark initiative for artists in all disciplines and that the scheme will be expanded to other art forms.’


The scheme will run on a pilot basis for one year, during which time it will be monitored and assessed for development and expansion.  During this time, the Irish Writers Centre will continue the conversation with both departments to ensure that writers’ interests remain central, particularly in respect of promoting better income generating opportunities for writers.


The scheme requires that writers and artists who wish to be recognised as professional fulfil specific criteria including demonstrating proof of paid work, publications and awards, among other factors. Writers wishing to inform themselves of the criteria can look at our website under Professional Membership.


Upon being confirmed as a Professional Member, the Irish Writers Centre will provide any requesting writer with a certificate which can be presented at their local social welfare office as evidence of their professional status. This certificate will facilitate their claim, and they can evidence their search for employment by producing applications for literary endeavours, which will be recognised as legitimate forms of job-seeking.

It is important to note that there are no changes to the eligibility rules nor the conditions for applications for Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Online Guitar Lessons – Best Way to Learn a Guitar

Just to show you the advantages of online guitar lessons let’s compare it to a personal guitar instructor.

First, let’s look at the price.

For a guitar instructor, you’re going to have to pay for each session, not each lesson. Which means that you pay each time you meet not for each lesson your instructor teaches you.

For a digital course, you only pay once and you gain access to the learning materials for life. With a single payment, you get everything that a guitar instructor is supposed to teach all compressed into a few small files.

Second, let’s look at the time.

With an instructor, you’re required to meet up before the lesson starts. You could have just used the time wasted for transportation, for formalities and for distractions in practicing for your debut concert.

With a digital course you can study anytime you want and without the pressure of having someone stare at you while watching in disgust as you fail to do the chords on your third try.

Third, let’s take a look at convenience.

If you hired a guitar teacher not only will you have to meet up but you will also be required to bring your own guitar unless of course, you study at a school where they have extra equipment for you.

If that’s not bad enough you will also be forced to stick to the course outline made by your teacher. You won’t be playing any of your favorite songs until you get to the lesson that teaches you the needed chords. You’ll be stuck playing G and C9 for a few weeks until you learn the C chord.

If you get my guitar lesson course you have the option of learning the chords in your desired order. If you’re already itching to play your favorite song then you can skip to the chords needed.

Plus, you can even bring the resource materials with you on your vacation. While waiting for your friends before heading to the pool you can push in a few lessons if you brought the materials with you but you certainly can’t if you’re taking lessons from an instructor.

And last but not the least, let’s look at the quality of the course.

This may be an issue for a lot of people but the truth is it shouldn’t be. People think that if you have a teacher then that person can correct your mistakes, can teach you cool techniques and can do a lot of other things.

Yes, that is true but my digital lesson can also give you the same things. The resource material is designed so that it will be easy to understand and even a lot easier to put into practice. This course was designed so that even a 10-year-old kid can master it.

To sum it all up, with my digital guitar lesson course you’ll learn how to play the guitar just as you would if you had a personal teacher, but the difference is that you would also save a lot of time and money in the process.

Just keep in mind that my course can only teach you how to play the guitar with skill and proficiency. If you want to master the art you’re going to have to dedicate yourself to learning.

If you want a tip just remember the old saying that it is better to practice for only 5 minutes a day rather than practicing for 5 hours a week.

Learning how to play the guitar has never been simpler, cheaper and more convenient. You simply have to get my course and you’ll be on the fast track to your dream of one day being able to play your favorite songs. play guitar it’s a guarantee that you’re going to hire a guitar teacher. Your dreams of rocking it on stage to a tune of your favorite band have never been nearer; that is if you have the time and money for such a thing.

If you learn how to play the guitar, it’s a guarantee that you’re going to hire a guitar teacher. Your dreams of rocking it on stage to a tune of your favorite band have never been nearer; that is if you have the time and money for such a thing.

Also if you need some good quality but inexpensive guitar, visit our guitar shop with guitars, gear, and accessories for beginning, intermediate, or advanced players.

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monkey guitar lessons

Welcome to Modern Art Website


Welcome to website,  we are independent site and blog for displaying the pieces of modern art from all around the globe, not just Ireland.

We believe that art is important not just to us, as each individual, but also to the entire cultures and nations, and it’s becoming more important than ever because of the love & creation which are the triggering elements of art.

What is exactly modern art? Is it the different style of painting? Perhaps the new futuristic ideas and material? Sure it is, but more importantly, it’s the new view, perception, and feeling of art.

The art is all around us every moment. It’s not just about the exact moment when we visit a gallery, adore a picture on the wall, or engage ourselves in the art creation in some way. I strongly believe, and I think many others would agree with me, that everything we see, touch, and feel is the reality but also art.

The Art is the Part of Our Reality

Art and Creation